Fairs, Exhibitions, and Events Logistics Mastery by Hritz Logistics World Wide

Hritz Logistics World Wide excels in the management of logistics for fairs, exhibitions, and events. We firmly believe that our extensive network of connections with various freight agencies, custom brokers worldwide, and the support of our associated companies make us a comprehensive "One-Stop Shop" for our valued customers. Our Exhibition Logistics Service is an exclusive offering, dedicated to fulfilling the unique requirements of both exhibitors and organizers. We provide end-to-end logistics support for trade fair organizers and exhibitors, ensuring that exhibits are delivered to the venue punctually and in pristine condition before the event's commencement. We also offer reverse logistical support at the event's conclusion.

Our Comprehensive Service Package Encompasses:

1. Exhibits Management: Meticulous management of exhibits, ensuring their secure handling and transport.

2. Freight Management – Air & Sea: Coordinating the movement of cargo through both air and sea routes with precision.

3. Processing of Customs Documentation: Expertly handling the complex paperwork and documentation required for customs clearance.

4. Storage Prior to Exhibition: Safe and secure storage solutions for exhibits before the exhibition takes place.

5. Transportation/Delivery to Exhibition Site: Timely and secure delivery of exhibits to the exhibition site.

6. On-Site Handling at Exhibition Site: Expert on-site handling services to ensure smooth setup and display.

7. Removal and Storage of Empty Cases: Efficient handling and storage of empty cases to declutter the exhibition area.

8. Reposition of Empty Cases at Close of Exhibition: Organized repositioning of empty cases at the conclusion of the event.

9. Collection/Transportation to Port/Airport/Storage Area: Seamless collection and transportation of exhibits to the designated destination.

10. **Processing of Re-Export Documentation:** Managing the necessary documentation for the re-export of exhibits.

11. **Processing of Duty Refund Applications:** Facilitating the application process for duty refunds.

12. **Labor Hire and 3-Ton Forklift Charges:** Providing skilled labor and equipment as needed.

13. **On-Site Supervision by Our Representative:** Ensuring that an experienced representative is present on-site to oversee and manage logistics efficiently.

With Hritz Logistics World Wide, you can trust in our specialized expertise and commitment to flawless logistics management for fairs, exhibitions, and events, ensuring that your exhibits and materials are handled with utmost care and precision.